Trends in ERP

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Trends in ERP  – Currently ERP software vendors are helping clients to leverage a bevy of trends that are bolstering their ventures. From mobile application and cloud computing to two-tier ERP approaches, here are some approaches to consider for your firm. In terms of mobile phone applications, ERP is facilitating the ability of executives to access […]

The Right Tools for the Right Job

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Getting the job done right is not just a matter of hard work. It’s also a matter of organization. Working efficiently means putting systems in place that direct momentum towards processes in a clear and organized way. One of the best options available to do this is implementing visual management systems that give everybody in […]

Kanban Boards Online

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Kanban is a production management system known for it’s deceptively simple efficiency. Designed to streamline complex processes, the highly visual system allows an organization and its employees to see progression of workflow and production by roughly categorizing them into tasks. By visually marking where the tasks are in production and who is responsible for them. […]

Realizing the Future of Project Management

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There are many systems available for managing tasks and delivery but perhaps Kanban stands out among them all for its precisely tuned design that eliminates wasteful time and energy. In particular, the nuances of this method is something Leankor fully understands and implements in their line of visual management tools complete with an online Kaban […]

Uniting Team Members Anytime and Anywhere

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The Kanban system is a proven method for organizing and executing lean production in a short timeframe. However, a traditional approach to it has limited the ways in which Kanban can improve workflow by forcing team members into frequent meetings and endless cycles of email. However, changes in the 21st century have given companies new […]

A Clear Picture of Performance

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Many systems exist for controlling work efficiency, but of course not all of them are equal. In particular, the visual methods such as Kanban stand out because of their emphasis on visual management and enabling people to absorb and contribute to information rapidly. In other words, this system that Leankor utilizes creates a clear picture […]

Seeing Results with Modern Technology

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Some of the best systems for managing enterprises have been in existence for several decades. However, it has only been until recently that these systems stuck to board rooms and binders, restricting their effectiveness to the limitations of physical space and convenience. Leankor breaks the mold by introducing interactive Kanban tools featuring visual management boards […]

Visual Project Management

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Visual project management helps managers and team members communicate effectively, collaborate, track progress and create on-time deliverables. The visual platform enables project stakeholders to see the entire project at a glance. This visual framework removes white boards, sticky notes and other physical methods of workflow management from the work site and places them into a […]

Every Project Matters

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If you are interested in getting things done at work, there is perhaps no better way to do so than to use a visual management tool. This is the best way to visualize everything that is going on in a project in an easy to view way. Most people like it when they are able […]